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WordPress Marketing Candy

This video really shows the power of marketing with a human face…if he can make $55.000 a year from candy…maybe we should be making better use of video media marketing. You can tell this guy love his job..

Sugar rush hour from Bianca Consunji on Vimeo.

WordPress and Auto Submitting Software

Beware When using Auto Submitting system Plugins..

When I say that I am talking about software that can submit content,links,Tweets,auto posting to Face Book Ext. Auto submitting software dose help with some of the tasks that take a lot of time if done your self.

Most of the big social media websites now use a check box, or please enter the number to make sure your human as they don’t like auto submitting software  A fellow blogger friend of mine  Ana hoffman  has just had here twitter account suspended and will remain that way Ana was using a auto submitting software , TweetAdder twitter gave her the reason  for suspending her account Ana has over 150K followers so she has to now take the time to start again with a new account..O.K this type  of software is a great time saver but be warned if you seem to be getting a lot of followers to quickly these sites like twitter, face Book, Google +, and a the big posting websites will know you are using some sort of auto submitting software.  

I don’t us any auto software to submit my content or try to automat back link building..if it happens to fast its sure to be pick up on and chances are you are going to get slapped. As Google say they wont the best  content and links to show up in the serps not results that are there because that blog or website has 1000s of followers, or 1000s of back links going to a given website.so dose auto submitting software work yes and no you have to us it wisely.Have you ever had a account  suspended if yes tell us your story and what happened..


WordPress and Custom Permalinks

More visitors to Your WordPress website Customizes Your Permalinks

Customizing your permalinks  will help drive more traffic to your WordPress website this is a very important if you are trying to get your WordPress Website to come up in the search engine results for more than one keyword or search term when you first load your WordPress your permalinks  will be set to default by WordPress in settings Permalinks but by making a few changes to the permalink setting you can improve your search results for a given keyword or search term .

getting more than one  search results for a keyword will get you more traffic and Google will go deeper in to your site to find the keywords this is done by good SEO in your permalink settings and by using tags more on that later O.K setting you permalinks I have below the settings that I have found to work best for me. By setting custom permalinks instead of the permalink showing your WordPress title first I have my set to show just the page title and in the title I will use keywords that I want to get to show up in the search results,but by default your WordPress website title would get pick up by Google and it would be the same for all your pages within your website,so Google only see your main keywords.

I want this page to come up in the results page for the search “WordPress and custom permalinks” so by using the setting below you will see that you can get Google to list you in the results pages for the title of you page or post first this will help you grow your search term list and traffic coming to your WordPress website..where as with the permalink setting at default Google will only pick up your site title for all your pages and post first I.E “WordPress website builder this is only one.so buy using custom permalinks you have a chance of coming up in the search results for as many page titles as you have remember to pick good keywords before deciding your page title, keep the content relevant  to the title, and us the title keywords in your content and don’t forget to bold your keywords..O.K so here is my custom permalink settings for this WordPress website don’t forget to in-stool the Platinum-SEO plugin you will find it easy to build your custom permalinks with this..give it a go and come back and leave comment thanks..


Post Title Format: %post_title%

Page Title Format: %page_title%

Category Title Format: %category_title% | %blog_title%

Custom Taxonomy Title Format: %term% | %blog_title%

Archive Title Format: %date% | %blog_title%

Tag Title Format: %tag% | %blog_title%

Search Title Format: %search% | %blog_title%

Description Format: %description%

404 Title Format: %description%/Nothing Found%

Paged Format: | Part %page%

WordPress for WordPress 3.3

Will the WordPress 3.3 change over be as smooth as they say it will be I have bean using WordPress 3.1 for some time and have had very little problem with WordPress and the why it integrates with the Genesis platform or studio-press themes had some problems with elegant themes but all in all good leave comments…

WordPress 3.3

Whats new in WordPress 3.3

A big heads up for all you WordPress users the guys have finished the work on WordPress 3.3 and are about to let it loose on the world. So if you are like me and use WordPress every day you need to get over to WordPress and see what all the noise is about there are a few bugs that they are trying to get fixed before the relies..but you can take a look at the changes to WordPress and what the features will be      Just hoping it will work well with Genesis and the StudioPress themes as I build all my clients website using WordPress  will keep you posted when I have change over to the new WordPress 3.3  feel free to leave comments .

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